The Nora Tamara Collins Memorial Scholarship (NTC) for High School Students of German

The Nora Tamara Collins Memorial Scholarship (NTC) was established by three of her friends and former students to honor the memory of this inspired and gifted teacher of the German language.  Nora had strong ties to her birth country, Germany, and a great love for its culture.  Nora passed away unexpectedly in November, 2020.

How to apply for the NTC Memorial Scholarship?

To be considered for the NTC scholarship, all applicants must submit:

  • a completed application form (the 2023 form will be online beginning of March)
  • a short original essay of approximately 300 words in length in German on a topic of interest to the applicant. This may be a fictional story, a creative work, or a narrative about a topic of interest to the applicant.
  • a letter of recommendation from a teacher, mentor, or appropriate referent (not a family member), who can comment on the character, language abilities, and the applicant’s interest in German culture. Recommenders should submit their letters directly to the Dallas Goethe Center.

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