Goethe Institut Exams - September 11 and 25


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    Please note: C1 and C2 Exams are not available at the moment! Please get in touch with [email protected]


Common Questions

When and where does the exam take place?

Level A1,  B1 and B1 Youth: September - 11

Level A1 Youth, A2, A2 Youth and B2: September - 25

University of Dallas, Anselm Hall, 1845 E. Northgate Dr., Irving,  TX 75062

Are there any exam offerings on another day than the exam days?

All Goethe-Institut locations can usually accommodate urgent cases on an individual basis for an extra fee. You receive your results and certificate (if you pass) the very same day. Please get in touch with [email protected]

How to prepare for the actual exam?

We highly recommend you take some time and take the Test Exam at home. Make sure you finish it within the available time. Also take a look at the video recording of the oral exam.

I want to prepare my self more thoroughly, how?

It goes without saying that we not only run German exams but also teach German. Please get in touch with [email protected]

Are there more exams in 2022?

November - 6 -2022 (A1, B1 and B1 Youth)
November - 13 2022 (A1 Youth, A2, A2 Youth, B2)

How much is the exam fee?

Youth: A1 $110, A2 $180, B1 $200, B2 $240
Adult: A1 $160, A2 $180, B1 $220, B2 $240

How much is the registration fee?

The registration fee is $35 and not refundable.

How much is a late registration fee?

We understand that sometimes decisions have to be made at last minute and the registration date (August 18) has passed. We can accommodate last minute registrations, but there is more work involved for us and the Goethe Institute. Due to this we will be charging a late registration fee of $65.

Is there a Refund Policy?

We will refund the exam fee, if we receive a written notice that you are cancelling your registration, no later than September 4 - 2022.
Such written cancellation notice must be sent by email no later than September 4 - 2022 to [email protected]
After September 4 your exam fee will be non-refundable. We suggest to add this date into your calendar, just in case!

I can not find any of my questions answered here

Please find more information about exams here: Goethe Exams FAQ




Registration – September 11 and 25

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