Membership in the Dallas Goethe Center

The Dallas Goethe Center is an organization that welcomes all individuals, organizations, and corporations that are interested in understanding and promoting the German language, culture, and traditions. We exist as a platform to contribute to cross-cultural understanding and celebrate cultural diversity in our community. Advantages of becoming a member are:

    • Participating in making German culture more visible and accessible
    • Supporting German language education in the greater Dallas area
    • Developing friendships with other members who share the same goals
    • Attending events at free or reduced cost and “members only” events
    • Learning about German culture, German-speaking countries and language

We offer memberships for individuals ($80 per year), families ($120), patrons ($200), and corporate members ($500). We also offer a great value student membership at $10 per year.

Memberships are due annually and run from May 1 of each year to April 30 of the subsequent year. You can register and pay for your membership for this year using the form on your right.