Unity Day

DGC’s annual Unity Day celebration – A contemporary witness of the peaceful revolution in 1989 reports directly from Leipzig!

Originally an East German underground journalist and civil rights activist, Siegbert Schefke became well known after he secretly made film recordings of the Monday demonstration on October 9, 1989 in Leipzig during the Peaceful Revolution.

Working with photographer Aram Radomski, the pair tricked the Stasi and secretly recorded images of the city when 70,000 demonstrators roamed the streets, chanting “WIR SIND DAS VOLK!”  Schefke then passed the films to Western media.  Just one day later, images of the unrest in the GDR were broadcast on West German TV, allowing millions of East German citizens to likewise see what was taking place behind the Iron Curtain.  With the knowledge that their fellow countrymen were taking to the streets, other GDR citizens grew in their visible opposition to the SED regime – Erich Honecker’s time in power was drawing to a close.

After the fall of the Wall, Schefke received several awards for his courage and service to the cause of German unity, including the Federal Cross of Merit and the Bambi. Today the television journalist, originally from Brandenburg, lives and works in Leipzig.

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