We offer courses for all levels from beginning to advanced. The classes are specifically designed to accommodate individual students' language skills, interests, and needs.

Our curriculum focuses on speaking, listening, reading, and writing, and the materials used in our classrooms adhere to standards set by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), the American Association of Teachers of German (AATG), and the Council of Europe (COE). 

Children's and teens'  classes offer a fun, yet academically challenging learning environment that stimulates conversation and social interactions with their peers and adults. Our younger students learn basic phrases and sentence structures which will help them when they visit Oma and Opa. They are introduced to beloved German children's games and books. They learn about German traditions and participate in German holidays, such as St. Martin's Fest and visits from St. Nikolaus. 

Adults build and improve their vocabulary and grammar and learn how to comfortably converse in German. Using recommended and approved textbooks, workbooks and online exercises as a guideline, instruction is tailored to the students' language proficiency level. Common expressions are taught that would come in handy at business meetings, at restaurants, or in a philosophical discussion. 

Our student-teacher ratio is low and our teachers use a variety of current teaching materials and approaches to tailor the instruction to their students' interests and needs. 

Many of our teachers are native speakers, others have lived in a German-speaking country for an extended period of time and have fallen in love with German language and culture. 

In addition to classroom instruction, we offer individual lessons and design personalized courses that fit the needs and interests of a group of friends preparing for a trip to a German-speaking country or of a company doing business with native German speakers. 

Creating a positive learning experience in each setting is extremely important to us. 

More details are provided in the document below and you may contact us at or 469.708.8342 to learn more.