JHG/DGC: The 25th Anniversary of the Fall of the European Communism (Thomas Adam)

Friday, May 8, 2015 - 7:00pm

This event is hosted in partnership with the Johanniter Humanitarian Group of Texas (JHG). It is intended to shed light on the most important event in German and European post-World War II history: the fall of the Berlin Wall.

When tens of thousands of East Germans gathered at (and on top of) the Berlin Wall in November of 1989, Germany had been divided into two separate states for 40 years. Once the border opened, however, it took less than a year for the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) and the German Democratic Republic (GDR) to become one country. What were the key factors that brought this unexpected but monumental change about? What were its most important consequences? And how was it perceived by people on both sides of the former divide (Ossies and Wessies)?

In order to answer these and many other questions about the fall of Eastern European Communism, we are excited to offer this lecture by Dr. Thomas Adam, Professor of German and Transnational History at the University of Texas at Arlington.

Free and open to the public | coffee and desserts

Address: 3001 Lovers Lane, Dallas, TX (Christ Lutheran Church)

To RSVP please email Chris Hanebeck (HERE) or join our Meetup group (HERE).

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